-girls just want to have fun-

i just want to do everything you do,

and not be called out for “rebelling.”


like a girl, i will conquer.

join me?

{d.f. | 03/06/18}


-how i write poetry-

although i sign my name
at the end, it’s really you
who should take the credit.

after all, they’re all about you.

the words with which i write with
are from the dictionary you invented.
you see, i didn’t even know i could
write until my soul met yours.
all these letters i’m using are from the
alphabet you’ve imprinted in my heart.
all these poems are from the melodies
i hear when i think of you.

this, my love, is how i write poetry.

{d.f. | 09/11/17}


p.s. today is my 2 year WordPress.com anniversary!!

-hues of you-

to be with you
leaves me feeling so blue
who knew
you’d give me such a view
away you flew
we used to be like glue
i thought we were through
but we just needed time, and apart we grew
and as if on cue
we were once again true
and loving you
became another hue.

{d.f. | 01/21/18}


-i’m forgetting how i loved you-

you’re slipping from my grasp.
i can no longer hear the sound of your voice.
your image used to be the clearest on my mind, but now it’s fading.
my thoughts were constantly spent on you, but now they drift away.

how is it possible that i’m forgetting?
your diamond blue eyes,
your red rose lips,
your gentle steps,
your honey dipped words,
your sculpted soul?

how can i forget the connection i felt to you?
please, i don’t want to forget the one i used to dream of.

{d.f. | 08/22/17}

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