-i let myself burn-

you must think i’m stupid, huh?
i saw you for what you were,
yet still i went for the kill.
but the joke was on me.
you were the gasoline and i was
the match.
the flames you emitted engulfed me.
i never had the chance of coming out alive,
and you knew that.
you devoured me whole.
i ignited you, but you burnt me.
if only you hadn’t smoldered me with your deadly charm.

{d.f. – 09/02/17}


Was It Not Love?

Was it not love because I didn’t give my life up for you?

Were my sacrifices not enough?

Was I supposed to stand back and let you take control?

Or was it that you simply couldn’t love me the way I loved you.

The truth is, I loved you in ways you could never understand.

I would go to the ends of the earth to be with you, but you wouldn’t for me.

And so tell me, was it not love?

{df – 11/11/16-}

How Could You?

I’m sitting across from you and you’re looking everywhere but at me. 

You’re apologizing for putting our love on pause while you loved​  someone else.

Your eyes are full of tears, and your mouth is full of lies. 

You’re asking me to let it go… because you love me..

But if you loved me with a genuine heart…

How could you

So yes, I’m letting it go, just like I’m letting you go too.


Safe Haven

I never knew you could feel at home with someone.

Safe in someone’s embrace.

And then I met you…

You didn’t give me flowers, you planted me a garden.

You didn’t just tell me you loved me, you showed me.

You didn’t hurt me, you saved me.

I was waiting for the emptiness to engulf me, but you came along and gave me a safe haven.